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LIFTKET Inc. and Movecat North America, building lifting solutions together. Movecat GmbH is the expert for stage automation for touring and permanent installations. Hoists, winches and kinetic light solutions per DMX are included in our Movecat product range.


Entry-level controller

  • Perfect for small or medium sized show
  • Compliant with BGV-C1 (DGUV 17) and EN61508 (SIL 3 )

State-of-the-art  show controller

  • Ideal for large and complex projects
  • Compliant with BGV-C1 (DGUV 17) and EN61508 (SIL 3 

Winch & Chain Hoist

DMX-controllable point hoist effects winch for lifting and lighting

  • Controlled by any lighting consoles via DMX512/16 bit resolution
  • No proprietary software is needed, easy installation

The flagship automated hoist, known for the highest standard of quality and safety.

  • Deadly silent during operations
  • Integrated load monitoring
  • Compliant with BGV C1 (DGUV 17)  and EN61508 SIL 1 TO SIL 3

Control Drives & Servers

Network master distribution box

  • Master distribution box with Delayed E-Stop
  • Reduces dynamic force in variable speed hoists in case of an emergency stop

Active network distributor

  • Ethernet 100m/bit signal transmission
  • CAN-BUS safety bus

The V-Motion series is the heart of our modular build principle.

  • Controls any variable speed drive and links them to the I-motion Movecat network
  • Highly versatile and fully compliant to BGV C1 (DGUV 17) and EN61508 (SIL3)

The I-Motion server serves as a database server for 2 remote desks Expert-T3 / Basic-C2

  • 7” touch display
  • Also serves as a backup