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Customized electric chain hoists for windpower applications

You need it extra-short? Extra-high? Extra-long? Extra-fast? Extra-customized? Are you looking for single pieces in serial production? Batch size one? Then you‘ve come to the right place at LIFTKET!

Decades of experience, professional ability and our willingness to master any challenge brings our tailor-made applications to life – even when produced in series. You benefit from the best quality and innovative technology. And our own developments and production from a single source render your custom products real. Your individuality is our reality. Just watch your dreams come to life

LIFTKET supports its customers in North America according to the principle: What is your special need? Just contact us! And this has been very successful for many years. Worldwide, approximately 600,000 LIFTKET electric chain hoists are in use in over 40 countries.


Experience since 1980

As early as the mid-eighties of the last century, a new branch of industry developed, initially starting in Europe – energy generation from wind power. LIFTKET also established its hoists in this industry from the very beginning and over the years became one of the market leaders in the field of electric chain hoists for wind power applications.

Tailor-made Solutions

LIFTKET products are tailor-made to the versatile requirements in the wind power sector and at the same have the highest quality “Made in Germany”.

Lifting heights of up to 250 m can be served, but also lifting capacities of several tonnes can be realised with the compact products from LIFTKET.

Plug & Play

There is a wide variety of installation situations in nacelles to which the product must be adapted. LIFTKET provides a plug & play solution for simplified installation. The prefabricated installation solution can be used worldwide, as it is designed for voltage levels from 390 to 690 V and also for 50 or 60 Hz.

Worldwide technical support

Due to the worldwide use of LIFTKET electric chain hoists, global support is of course also a major issue. Thanks to its extensive partner and subsidiary network, LIFTKET can guarantee worldwide technical support. The availability of spare parts for almost all products ever built also offers an enormous level of service, which is rounded off by full project support from the idea to the final implementation.


A compact design is essential, especially in wind turbines where space is very limited. In addition, there is a wide variety of installation situations to which the product must be adapted. There are different solutions with trolleys or cranes. Tube solutions are also possible instead of chain boxes at the unit, which then guide the chain into the bottom of the nacelle.