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The V-Motion series is the heart of our modular build principle.  Its purpose is to control any variable speed drive you can imagine and link them into an I-Motion network.  It contains main and safety processors, the frequency converter (from 1.5KW up to 7.5KW) and all the electronics you need to either control  MOVECAT GmbH equipment or any other machinery.

With our V-Motion, we can integrate third-party manufacturer products in our systems. A V-Motion module provides a LED display showing the actual states of the drive like position load, general health and much more.  Furthermore, you can use it as a single drive backup controller for emergency situations or maintenance.

The V-Motion ships pre-programmed with all the correct safety parameters for either the hoists you bought with it or the devices you want to use it with.  It is highly versatile and fully compliant to BGV-C1 (DGUV 17) and EN61508 (SIL 3)


  • standard configuration according to BGV C1
  • closed-loop system allows runs continuing beyond the null point (floating state) with full torque as well as reversal of direction without incursion of the brakes
  • monitoring and display of operating states and self-monitoring safety relay as well as dynamic load analysis
  • load- and hoist-group-transcendent error monitoring and analysis in I-Motion network operation
  • simple, intuitive operation
  • much more


  • BGV D8 and C1, as well as igvw SQ P2 D8 Plus and EN 61508 SIL 1 to SIL 3