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Automation VMW-D Vario Mini Winch

VMW-D Vario Mini Winch

VMW-D Vario Mini Winch


The VMW-D Vario Mini Winch  is a DMX-controllable point hoist effects winch designed for use with motion elements such as LED lighting effects. This small winch is equipped with an Hybrid load-bearing medium.

Control is executed using standard lighting consoles via DMX 512 with 16-bit resolution. Internal control and safety electronics monitor the system parameters, ensuring functional safety and security under all operating conditions – including possible failures such as a power outage. The attached loads are always securely held in their suspended position and the function-relevant data stored in non-volatile memory. A self-test run or reset in the case of a power outage is not necessary.

The closed loop control mode makes precise control of speed and position as well as an interruption-free reversal of direction possible. To control the temperature of the transmission and motor, the VMW-D Vario Mini Winch is equipped with a cooling system in a low-noise implementation. Further safety features include a transmission brake function (dynamic self-locking), programmable operating and mechanical emergency limit switches (incl. test function) and dynamic run direction and speed- as well as overload- and underload/slackwire-monitoring.


  • SWL: 5 kg
  • lifting speed: 0 to 0.7 m/sec continuously controllable
  • lifting height: 10 m
  • positioning: +/- 1 mm
  • controlled by any lighting console (DMX 512/16-bit)
  • programmable operating limits
  • much more


  • BGV D8 and BGV C1