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LIFTKET Short Headroom Solution

LIFTKET Short Headroom Solution

Dear Customers & Partners,

At LIFTKET we offer customized solutions for almost every application. In our newsletter series “Customized Solutions” we introduce you to three of our special products. PART ONE: Our flat chain hoit solution impresses by a compact design, a low headroom of 310 mm and a maximum height of lift.

Learn more about our Short headroom solution today. Enjoy reading!


Short Headroom Solution

Load capacity               max. 2 t
Headroom                     single fall: 310 mm
double fall: 410 mm
Travelling speed          5 + 20 m/min
Protection class           IP55
Type of control            low voltage control
Power supply               according to customer specification

Approved quality “Made in Germany by LIFTKET”

Optionally the chain hoists can be ordered with an integrated radio remote control or gear limit switch.

Would you like individual advice on our electric chain hoist with short headroom? Our team is always available for you!

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+49 3425-8924-0