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Dear customers and business partners,

We are pleased to announce today that we have now made all the arrangements andbasic requirements to successfully launch the business of LIFTKET UK Ltd. The newcompany location in Ellesmere Port is coming to life.

In addition to an office wing, we are happy to welcome customers and partners on site inthe future, there is enough storage & workshop space to enable us to stock and assembleboth LIFTKET and CHAINMASTER hoists and spare parts. This means that we will be ableto deliver much faster in the future than we have been up to now.

There is also great news in the personnel area. Barry Williams is a new team member andwill be in charge of the operative business as General Manager and also in the sales areaalongside Director John Jones. Both Barry and John have extensive knowledge of the hoistmarkets.

Currently we are also looking for another colleague in the UK to complete our team atpresent.

Unit 21, Junction 8 Business Park
Rosscliffe Rd | Ellesmere Port
Cheshire, CH65 3AS
? 0151 356 5469

Contact Barry Williams
[email protected]
? 07888 607684

Contact John Jones
[email protected]
? 07727 147785